19 April 2020


Prime Beings

[The 100 by Harunist]

It is the voice of the Ancients not yet born
The timeless and boundless falling into manifestation
For this is the purity of Mana, which is formed of the formless
The Search and The Signal, the far away and unseen horizons
For the effect of this is not yet known, yet it has been while not yet caused
This is the Paradox alignment of a potentiality; 'Out-reality' nonsense
As I have not yet stated, yet have felt the result of and have been told
Like a book with words of multiple meanings, which one do you pick?
It is like this with the veil, what you see and what you know
Out of the mystery then and into the present time to state a download
There are those of a new soul group who have never-yet been Manifest
This is truth as far as I can tell at this time, and these are to be called Primes
The truth of this is self-evident in full, and without invalidation from popular media
For the media is a temporal invalidation involving the use of retro-causality; False Validation
"Let it be known, Eternity is become Us-All from now unto forever; Manifest in Knowing of Prime Beings"; Prime Beings, preface
 Saint Diablo - Ancient Astronauts

Go - Version 2.0
Life finds a way, but it was not always this way
The Human Paradox | The Human Experiment
Lifting the Veil is about Spiritual Growth [within|without]

 Helion Prime - Mr. Torture (2019)

The Mana of Creation allows for Life
As the inverse of Life is Death, so is Oblivious of Knowing
Fear not the Draco; the ancients, lest One succumb
Cast the mana of [Red|White] magic; Be not Oblivious

Starset - Where the Skies End

The Mystery and promise of distant horizons always have called Men forward
One and all shall watch as it will fall, and rise again upon the edge of the horizon
Solve the Mystery, Divide the Paradox, Transcend the Red Shift
A Holy Man is called to aid Us-All across the expanse; Sons of Ka

17 February 2020

This blog is being put on hold. I advise that you go back through the older postings if you have no done so. For any future content, I am endorsing the following Blog and Podcast site: Gnostic Warrior.

10 February 2020


Being a Dualist is nothing to hide
Being an Esotericist is nothing but fulfilling
Being an Occultist is nothing but divining
Being a Gnostic is nothing to obscure
Being a Human is everything to embrace
This dream being lived is Love Incarnate | This illusion imprisoning Us-all is Pain Manifest

[Five Finger Death Punch - Living The Dream]
Nothing could be further from the truth than this
The dream is a Being which cognates Hope
The life led is only what you make for Yourself
[Life | Essenes] To Ascend is to grow | To Die is to sacrifice [Ego | Afterlife]

[Papa Roach - The Ending (Acoustic Performance)]
Can I even trust somebody with the same last name?
When God puts you into checkmate; the start of the ending
Do you wish that there was more to it than this?!
A final duality [The Beginning | Ending This]

[Starset - Manifest]
Regrets ... Fallings
I ask this with all honesty, what is the thought you will have as you fade; fall and fall away
Before you have to ask that question and ponder the Afterglow, please remember!
Manifest a New Reality | Old Realities fall away


[Addendum] 16-FEB-2020

[Falling in Reverse - The Drug in Me is Reimagined]
Falling back into the Darkness is Reincarnation | Ascension is The Spark rising to a Higher Reality

24 January 2020


[Originally from 6-JAN-2020]
The Mystery School teachings are not empowering as much as they are Awakening
Awakening of the light-body to that of the reality of your Infinite-Existence
Thus the awakening is unification with the omnipotence of creation; The Remembrance
So then the Mystery becomes revealed in the Awakening as divine nature is Understood
It is therefore that the Mystery is only a state of mind to those who do not Know; The Unknowing
The False Paradigms will leverage this Knowingness to their advantage in Physicality; The Demons
For the Light exists for the Lightening alone, and it cannot be assigned a value in the realm of Matter
"Irradiate the Core as [within|without] the Awakening has given power back to you to ascend to a higher State of Being"; State of Being, preface
[Lowborn - Dark Inside]
Showing me the Demons that I'll Bury 'next-day
Religions vying for Souls to transfix to their Paradigm
Souls that keep their Ka-resonance from fading into Void-Eternity
False Paradigms originate from Source; thus ejected, are now Dark Inside; Resonate Core

[The Fragment - Transcend (feat. Joseph Todd of Bloodline)]
I see the light but people always seem to defy me
The Demons are those of False Paradigms who can't see the New Light
It is thus: Wake up the Logos and Transcend!
It is the destiny of the Lowborn to learn the Mysteries of Life and Ascend

[Fire From The Gods - American Sun]
I am the One | The American Sun
The False Paradigms believe they can Devour Power
Light is not Matter that can have a flag planted upon it; [Matterless | Unity]
Do not allow the Creative Energy stop flowing, as it is the effervescence of Ascension
[Update 26-JAN-2020]
[In This Moment - "The In-Between"]
Sophia has cried out to me!

19 January 2020



Though a Vow is stated here; A Vow is a personal choice
These are personal growth opportunities that allow for Growth
Spirituality is the intent for growth, yet it is not always so
As Vows are taken, know that a Vow is not to be broken
"The resonance of a Broken Vow can be felt long before the Invalidation Act; Gnostic Insight"; Gnostic Insight, preface
[Evanescence - The Chain (from Gears 5)]
Unbounded in mind
Damn the Dark | Damn the Light
The Redshift is the new light in Our Reality
The Vow is a form of binding One's Will to a Manifest Reality

[Drag Me Out - I'm Sorry]
It is through this New Light that boundless vision comes
It's rumored to the core, I guess it's real
The self-choice to grow in this light is a Vow
The Feedback of Our Enemy has given Us-All a box of the Mortal Coil

[Halestorm - Vicious]
Core is the non-anthropomorphic spiritual ascendant; First Knowing of the Unknowingness
That is the prime resonance, yet it, at first, produces The Redshift
It is very simple, the unenlightened easily judge, yet do not fall prey to these pretty Acts
It is only through the Vow of Non-violence that one can begin to ascend; Red-shifted


Addendum [20-JAN-2020]
[Alchemical Embelms Fludd Macrocosm-Microcosm]
Robert Fludd (1574-1637) #Core

14 January 2020


[Original post from 23-JUN-2019]

Obscured Sacredness
Is it spite to survive in the face of an Enemy?
All things seek to survive, but not all seek to Thrive
It is in this that there is a new thought in an Age
Take their route through, but do not Erase
"To go through this, forge anew to Be Abundant in Passion; Obscured Sacredness" Obscured Sacredness, preface
[Written By Wolves - Pretty Lies]
Do not fall into false solutions, such as the Engram
It is the Pain that must be reforged
This is the Red-shift, and it is Sacred to Oppose
This is the Forgotten, not Forgiven; Obscure!

[The Pretty Reckless - My Medicine]
The Human body can withstand; Seek mildness 
The Human mind can strengthen; Seek endurance
The Human soul can expand; Seek limitless
To build a tolerance is to Survive

[Trivium - The Heart From Your Hate]
Our Paradigm Shifts to the GLOW; Radiate
This is a time to shine dim; Warmth
It shall be a new journey into The Void; red-shifted
End the silence and take their Hate; Reform it as a new prevalence
[Addendum 14-JAN]
[George Carlin - The Big Electron & Bill Hicks - World's like a Ride]
[...] Part of a greater Wisdom than we'll ever understand -GC 
It's only a choice between Fear and Love -BH

06 January 2020

POSTHUMAN - Epic Powerful Music Mix | Intense Heroic Hybrid Music

[The Shadow Saga | The Cycle is redefined] #Transcendence #Core

[Gnosis | Magic] #Transcendent #Chaos

29 December 2019


The Lightening
This is a story of the Ascent of a Man
Tesla was one such Man, born of the Lightning
This then is a simple Truth; it is personal Growth of One to a New Land
A Century which can be defined by Energy and The Light
"As One goes through Life, both negate the Transgressions of Self and Be Egoless" The Lightening, preface

[Renaiszance - I Will Rise]
The Inventor, The Engineer, The Visionary
It is the Mind: [Eastern | Western]
The Ascent is [Within | Without] The Unity
The Great Work is accomplished when the Dream is unified with the Manifest

[Nox Arcana - Stars in the Heavens]
The Height of the Eastern Star; Ebonshire
It is in the Fall and that of Rising Again that One can Be Human
Therefore the Unity is in duality with the Transgression
That which brings Light is the 'Lightening'; Angelfall

[Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard]
The Depth of the Western Shore; Rockstar
We all die alone
The End brings Transgressions to bare
To Face the Inverse Self is to nullify the Omega


[Addendum 29-DEC]
Be Under and Over It All
[Jim Carrey Motivational Video - WHO IS THE REAL YOU?]

26 December 2019


[Original post from 20-APR-2019]

Disobedient Coherence
It is a time when the effects of global electronic human interrelationship has become Chaotic
The conflict of one ideology with another has corrupted Consensus
The idea of debate to shift public opinion has been lost to Criticism
Ascension is the idea that [One becomes All and All become One]; a Tonal Shift in Consciousness
"The Human Consciousness is limited in a fixed box of mind; Blackhole Descension through Disobedient Coherence" Disobedient Coherence, preface

[Samael - Solar Soul]
The Painful Memory may drive the action of a Soul Wound
Like a Solar Flash, Passion abides One's Will
Wisdom shall come in this State of Mind; Reality's Wake
Yesterday and Tomorrow are an illusion in Consciousness's Core; [Timeless | Wakefulness]

[The Raven Age - The Dying Embers of Life]
Life is an aspect of Reality
Space is the volume of Reality
Time is the action of Reality
Know Reality, for One's dwelling is also One's tomb; [Absorb | Radiate]

[Memphis May Fire - Heavy Is The Weight ft. Andy Mineo]
Wouldn't matter if the whole world hated me
The Weight is what grants Weightlessness in Life
In Cosmic Being: One is Egoless, Volumeless, Timeless, and Limitless
As Human relationships pull One through, a Soul may rise beyond; [Tonality | Liminality]
[Follow up from 20-April]
[From Event Horizon telescope]
Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven


Prime Beings [ The 100 by Harunist ] It is the voice of the Ancients not yet born The timeless and boundless falling into manife...