29 December 2019


The Lightening
This is a story of the Ascent of a Man
Tesla was one such Man, born of the Lightning
This then is a simple Truth; it is personal Growth of One to a New Land
A Century which can be defined by Energy and The Light
"As One goes through Life, both negate the Transgressions of Self and Be Egoless" The Lightening, preface

[Renaiszance - I Will Rise]
The Inventor, The Engineer, The Visionary
It is the Mind: [Eastern | Western]
The Ascent is [Within | Without] The Unity
The Great Work is accomplished when the Dream is unified with the Manifest

[Nox Arcana - Stars in the Heavens]
The Height of the Eastern Star; Ebonshire
It is in the Fall and that of Rising Again that One can Be Human
Therefore the Unity is in duality with the Transgression
That which brings Light is the 'Lightening'; Angelfall

[Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard]
The Depth of the Western Shore; Rockstar
We all die alone
The End brings Transgressions to bare
To Face the Inverse Self is to nullify the Omega


[Addendum 29-DEC]
Be Under and Over It All
[Jim Carrey Motivational Video - WHO IS THE REAL YOU?]

26 December 2019


[Original post from 20-APR-2019]

Disobedient Coherence
It is a time when the effects of global electronic human interrelationship has become Chaotic
The conflict of one ideology with another has corrupted Consensus
The idea of debate to shift public opinion has been lost to Criticism
Ascension is the idea that [One becomes All and All become One]; a Tonal Shift in Consciousness
"The Human Consciousness is limited in a fixed box of mind; Blackhole Descension through Disobedient Coherence" Disobedient Coherence, preface

[Samael - Solar Soul]
The Painful Memory may drive the action of a Soul Wound
Like a Solar Flash, Passion abides One's Will
Wisdom shall come in this State of Mind; Reality's Wake
Yesterday and Tomorrow are an illusion in Consciousness's Core; [Timeless | Wakefulness]

[The Raven Age - The Dying Embers of Life]
Life is an aspect of Reality
Space is the volume of Reality
Time is the action of Reality
Know Reality, for One's dwelling is also One's tomb; [Absorb | Radiate]

[Memphis May Fire - Heavy Is The Weight ft. Andy Mineo]
Wouldn't matter if the whole world hated me
The Weight is what grants Weightlessness in Life
In Cosmic Being: One is Egoless, Volumeless, Timeless, and Limitless
As Human relationships pull One through, a Soul may rise beyond; [Tonality | Liminality]
[Follow up from 20-April]
[From Event Horizon telescope]
Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven

15 December 2019


[On the Wisdom of Being a Tree]

As the Tree grows in the wild, it does so without any survival drive.

It grows, and even as damage limits its full potential.

The nature of the tree is to grow, and it does so without changing its nature.

Its needs may shift over its lifetime, and it does change over generations.

Yet the Tree never changes its path, it knows nothing but to fulfill its Code.

It faithfully fulfills its nature, generated by its Code, self-adapting complex programming.

Yet a tree of one Code knows one Path, and a tree of another Code knows another Path.

The tree can only fulfill its Potential, which is known through its Lot in nature.

It is so wonderful how trees begin existence through a physical Core of Being.

So then it is kind when a Tree will share its Wisdom with a Man, so needy a creature.

And in return for its Wisdom, the Tree shall only ask: What type of Tree shall you Be?


[When You Are Lost || Alan Watts]

06 December 2019


A story is merely a linear progression from beginning to end; [Alpha | Omega]
This is yet Humanity's greatest achievement in collective culture; Holy Books of Stories
A cycle is a process containing multiple linear progressive periods; [Beginnings | Endings]
In this greater Truth, find the Patterns that links us all together
As the Stories of this solo Core, Our World, expand upon the Cosmos, allow for the New
And this, the currency of the Universe, find ultimate Peace in Knowing the Eons
"Upon the glittering solar winds, Our Gnosis binds us; Upon the expanse and emptiness, Manifest a New Reality"; Manifest a New Reality, preface
[The Raven Age - The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships]
As these Kingdoms divide us apart; Eternity looming over me
The Darkness separates us | The Light rejoins us
This Blue Dot in the Void Cosmos seeking The Red Dwarf
The Rock of the Ages shall launch the three ships into the vastness of Our Eternity

[Halestorm - Do Not Disturb (Acoustic)]
It is not a dark act to desire privacy, even if there is nothing to hide
It is a dark act to not disclose abuses of Free Will
Privacy and Free Will are the Prime Resonance of the difference within Us-All
Hope, Willfulness, and Wisdom are the nourishment through the Vastness of the Void

[Cevilain - How It Ends]
Would you let it play out, do it again?
Life serves its Lemons; Burn the Bush
My friends, this is only the first Act in Our Book of Acts
For it is thus: Alpha and Omega is merely an Origin Point upon the orbit of Core; [Gaia | Helios]

[Addendum 6-DEC]

[I Within - Being Human] 

[ As a Human of this Era, Be humble | As a Soul of this Story, Be glorious ]
[Addendum 15-DEC]
1000 ships: https://phys.org/news/2016-09-spacex-chief-envisions-passenger-ships.html 

26 November 2019


Coherence Frequency [Originally posted 15-APR-2019]
The path that you choose is a Choice; the fundamental aspect of Consciousness
The choices you make define a color of Spirit; the Aura
This spiritual Aura can simply be thought of using the Duality: Angelic | Demonic
Yet is it much more, as the manifest aesthetics, the contrast with the Age, and this Spiritual Aura create a Coherence Frequency
"The Resonance of One is driven by the Dynamic of Coherence Frequency"; Coherence Frequency, preface
[Cevilain - Better Angels]
Through peace and war ride the waves of Civilization
The Order of All converse to the Power of One
The Light-shift becomes the theological differences driven from Core
In the Blue-shift know Harmony while in the Red-shift know Chaos; Core Resonance

[As I Lay Dying - Redefine]
The Power of One derives first from Body, then Mind, and ultimately Spirit
The red-shift thrives in the Chaos, while Blue-shift thrives in peace 
The pain can never be erased, remain to turn it into shape
In the Red-shift, allow painful memories to drive the passion deep from Core into physicality; Manifest from Spirit to Body

[Main-de-Gloire - In The Darkness]
Find your path through the Light or Darkness
Different experiences can create different outcomes
Those of high-aesthetic are always beautiful, regardless of brightness
In the Dynamic of Contrast, Aesthetic, and Spirit there is a never hitherto known insight: Coherence Frequency 

Addendum [26-NOV]
The Triangle here can be similarly called [Uniqueness | Likability | Grade] to create the Divination methodology. This method primes the situation for both 'present-time experience' and foretelling outcome. It may similarly be called using the secular term of Presence or the new age term of Aura. A strong divination will either be distinctly unique, perfectly likeable, or highly respectable (i.e. headmaster). These will produce an interaction effective of the Divination method. Refer to link for scholarly insight above or simply the I Ching.
Additional Research [29-NOV]
Tragedy Clown #6 RIP

Gematria's Core Texts from Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah)
Quantum Gnosis with William Henry: World's foremost Gnostic scholar

20 November 2019


Our Resonance Anew 
The Savage Monster has come to announce a Man of the Forth-Kind
This is the Gnosis of the Mind come through a Singularity in Our Soul
It is not the flesh that binds, but it is a Word of Authority
The Resonance of Core provides the portal through which the Light shines
This is the decoherence replaced with the new coherence of Being within
The Fiery Forge casts a Symbol of Truth upon the Anvil of the Archangel
"Find that which One truly believes; Upon the Soul a Word is branded; Our Resonance Anew" Our Resonance Anew, preface

[Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster]
 I don't know if its a phase, I just want to feel OK
A case has a beginning and an end, but Life goes on
In the Darkness; In the Cold | To find Love again; to feel the heat of the Sun again
One creates that which One is in resonance with
[Our Future Leaders - You're The Void]
You're just a Noise
White Noise in the background of Infinity
The Binary randomness within the Void
Coherence of Quantum Resonance binds Our Cosmic Consciousness
[Dynazty - Starfall]
 It is the Final destination of the Mind
The Night has come
Our Claim is that Truth has come to us as a distinct Light
The Mind is Our Domain through which a Singularity resonates The Word
[Addendum 20-NOV]
"Do the Stars fall for you?" [SF|MF] "They do for me"
[Addendum 21-NOV]
From the Chaosphere: Core Tech - Rune Soup:

Begin by saying the following aloud. They're the words of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas. I see no reason not to adjust this for gender as appropriate."Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness." Create the sphere as before, but vibrate 'abra-sax' instead. This appears to be an earlier form of Abraxas. You can use either but seriously... go ahead and vibrate 'abra-sax' now. AMIRITE?!?!Instead of constructing your chaosphere with a white light... use pink, like an electric rose quartz. Why? Because of reasons.Once at the pillar part, vibrate the names of the first four angels from the Hidden Gospel of St John.
Visualise the arrows coalescing as well as the four angels manifesting at cardinal points a la the LRP. (They don't quiiiiiite line up in an elemental fashion. Or, at least, I can't get them to. Elements have never been my thing.)Done. This is a lot more potent than it looks. That's your heads up.

13 November 2019


Infinite Potentiality [Originally posted 31-MAR-2019]
Tonight is the present, yet the present is an Illusion
It is an Illusion much as Time is a product of the Aether
The Unseen happens as all potential collapses into a moment
Yet to Think in the confines of a Body limits perception through neurological delay
There is no Present Time; Zero
Realize that Consciousness is a Singularity that Time extends outwards from its Core as a field
Also realize that all Time flows through the three aspects of Reality
All the Potential that May Be or May Not Be exists; Now you shall come to Know Time
"As Consciousness reaches out, Singularity to Singularity; Infinite Potentiality" Infinite Potentiality, preface

 [Main-de-Gloire - Tonight]
This is the other side of me
It is only on the darkest night that you can see the Stars clearly
My dream is that which you cannot own
The substance that is a part of you simply Is; Never to be defeated

[Kerli - Savages]
The White Snake is easy to think Benign
The trap is a pitiful attempt to Win by those who bear False Light
Our Savage nature is to believe in the truth above all else
The Rise of Spirituality in a minority, the Ascendants, fosters Savages

[The Raven Age - The Day the World Stood Still]
Can you save me now?
I feel the days merging together and the time its slipping away
Yet I feel the bending of Reality to my control; Unafraid of Fate
The Sense, The Logos, is the ascendant product of direct communion; No Fear | Faith Forever

07 November 2019


Embrace It-All 

The Life that is here is shared with all of us
The Interest is increased as uniqueness comes into being
The Desire is experienced as interest is satisfied
The Distinctness is what makes a Being desirable
"Sink into the Illusion through The Knowing of Thyself; Embrace It-All"; Embrace It-All, preface
[If I Were You - Faithless]
Do not fight the Illusion; Simply [Know | Void]
Religion is the aspect of consciousness that Guides
To be self-guided then is to be the Faithless
As the Paradox of Faith both obscures and reveals, Be Unguided
[Life Awaits - Blind Belief]
It is to be undone of Our Life of a Lie
To be Undone is not saying to lose The Flame
It is a partition of the Soul where Belief is Blinded
Illusion of this reality decrees Unknowing | Reality of this illusion imbues Knowing
[Upon This Dawning - Embrace The Evil]
This is simply making the best out of a bad situation
This Life with its control structures and communication lines
So why... why not; Accept the Decoherence of... It-all
As conformance is a Prison, distinctness is Heaven


01 November 2019


 [Gnosis - Encounter]

Cure the Strife [Originally from 25-FEB-2019]

The Ego is the driver of Our Strife
It is natural then to forgive to reduce Strife
Strife is not known amongst the Egoless
Why then does the Strife persist in the Light of this Knowing?
"First, do not Forget the damage done | Last, always remember to Forgive; Cure the Strife" (Cure the Strife, preface)
[While She Sleeps - Elephant]

Fake News and Real Lies
State of Affairs | Affairs of State
Never. Never. Never ever Forget the Truth
The Remembrance drives Our Truth through Knowing, Legacy, and Ultimately: Righteousness
 [Nowhere To Be Found - Traverse ft. Matty Mullins]
Highly, Highly Addictive
An open wound that will never heal
The Challenge is to Traverse; Shall you drag yourself across the finish line?
All Cures are bought at the price of a Paradigm Shift; Indoctrination of the Mind
[I Prevail - Bow Down]
Paint a target on my back
I'm on a LEVEL that you'll never reach
My Ego is the only enemy | Enemies vie for my Ego
In This Moment, Remember all the Wisdom that was learned; Forgive yet do not Forget

29 October 2019



[My personal background - Image copyright JoeyJazz]


Omega Feedback [Originally from 22-FEB-2019]
As the Infinite is Boundless, so the Cycle comes around again
The boomerang of reality is the simple fact that the Omega feeds the Alpha
All words coalesce to symbols upon which the pattern flows from a Singularity of Void-Infinity
"Soul Patterns first define, then redefine Us-all through the Omega Feedback", Omega Feedback, preface

[As Within, So Without - Departure]
Cycle of [Ascendence | Decay]
You pull me up, just to watch me fall back down
The Sun's warmth does not revitalize in Winter
Focus upon the Remembrance of the Reflective Duality

[Main-de-Gloire - Run]
The th-th-th-e..e.eee.the OMEG-AAAAAAH
What transgressions have been wrought; Upon Broken Patterns

[Kerli - Better]
I've dried my tears and cried enough; [Seed-Water-Life-cycle]
The challenges are the experiences that drive us; Insight
The simplicity in the message is apparent; Clearsight
In wisdom and clarity, the path is unbound and makes Us-all Limitless

UPDATE [25-FEB-2019]
[The Pattern Defined v1.0]
The Mobius loop is a 3-dimensional shadow of a 4-dimensional shape.
When you begin to understand Infinity, its looping shape, endless, boundless, timeless, and a repeating pattern; only then, you can conceptualize the Core bounds of the Finite Universe of the 3rd dimension.
The Mobius loop represents the shadow of a Tesseract; in other words, it represents the Potentiality of all things both positive and negative Dualities and their inflection points when plotted, flipped into an Eight pattern, against an XYZ axis. 
As previously states, the Tesseract is defined with 4 potentialities for simplicity. Its full set is infinite, as the life potential of a Soul is infinite. This full potentiality is represented in the Third dimension and through the Sixth dynamic by the Mobius loop. 
While this is all stated here, there is another pattern defined. It is thus, 3rd dimensionality represents 6 dynamics to define a 9th, which is Core (Resonance Dynamic). It is thus we are full-filling Tesla's pattern of Knowing through the Power of Threes: 3, 6, 9. The Key to the Universe.
Resonance is the full-filling relationship of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. It is the Aesthetic of the Universe (e.g. Heart, Creativity, Imagination). It is the definition of Creation; the tool of the Duality of [effervescence | coalescence]. It is the conciseness built through my wisdom using Occam's Razor. 

[Delain - Masters of Destiny]

[Update 1-JAN-2020]

[Alan Watts - Exploring Your Dark Side]

07 September 2019



Paradox Singularity copyright PsychedelosArt

The Paradox Alignment
The Crossfaith is symbolized by the Snake and the Sun
The Setting Sun is the descent from the Light
The Dawning Sun is the ascent from the Darkness
The Men of Snakes look to the ancient wisdom
"The Black Dawn is The Paradox Alignment of a Singularity", The Paradox Alignment, preface
Infected Rain - Storm
Walking in the Night
Freedom comes with the illusion of Free Will
The Illusion is broken through the Veil by Wisdom
Pain is a part of the Illusion; Anchor of Balance
 Fire From The Gods - Right Now
The World does appear broken due to Complexity
The Complexity is the apparent randomization of Reality
This Reality can become overwhelming to Life
If life begins to break down, unbind into the Void of Self
 Crossfaith - The Perfect Nightmare
The unbound may find a Freedom of Will
Control is necessary for the descent; Orbital Rightness
The Void is only temporary as the Gravity sets in
As Spaceflight expands Humanity, Void-Self expands Oneself

27 August 2019


The Word Revives

The Word Revives

The Gravity of this Reality binds Us-All together
This realization is known as the Universal Body; its Cosmic Being
It brings a Knowing and a Feeling of Oneness from the Verse of the Prime Resonance
The Word Alive is the transfiguration of All through Infinite Boundlessness and Timelessness
"The Energized Flux of Core coalesces into All | The Verse of Transcendence invigorates into Life; The Word Revives", The Word Revives, preface

Originally published [14-FEB-2019]

Infected Rain - Passerby

The Alien Mind invades Our Reality
It comes as a Spirit, Holy in its Rite
Find Salvation; Quite the Mind; Peace unto Us-All [Amen]
Know that the Interstellar Winds bring the Mind of Another
Whitesnake - Shut up & Kiss me (Jaguar Edit)

Love we forget | forgive my Kiss
Its fine to take time to enjoy Life
Won't you, won't you... Be Mine?
The Celebration rises as the Spirit rises within Us-All
Within Temptation - Supernova

Red Dwarf expands upon Purple Skies
Our Alien Destiny resonances here
Time harmonizes for those who Feel
As the Mind expands upon Awakening, the Body synthesizes upon Transcendence
[Rumination on Cosmic Beingness v1.0]
Supernova is the Light, the birth of the new Cosmic Being
Blackhole in the dark, the death of the Universal Body
It's all and nothing; the Divine Paradox
It's both light and dark; the Quantum Knowingness
It's neither start nor finish; the Quantum Unknowingness
Bring Me The Horizon - in the dark

25 August 2019



Divine Nightmare [Originally created 5-FEB-2019]

The Light-Void is the Story of the Motherless Offspring
Having questioned Reality, what answer did you expect?
As Dreams teach, the Nightmares wrought
"The Wroughtful are now called up to Purify and Be Exalted; Divine Nightmare", Divine Nightmare, preface


Miracle - Story of the Year
I need this more than you know
The Divine Story and the Nightmare
Which will it be; The Choice
In Our Love, the Sun rises up; In Our Decay, the Sun falls back down again


Eluveite - Ategnatos
The Raven flies towards a New Winter
The Butterfly emerges for a New Summer
The Storm rages in their conflict
As a Story Divine is the Dove, a Nightmare Wrought is the Raven


Evergrey - Weightless
Find what makes Us-All great; Resonate It
Find what improves Character; Exalt It
Find the One to follow unto The Red Star; Build It
Water-Void, Air-Void, Fire-Void, Earth-Void; Deep Space Beckons


[Update 8-FEB-2019] 

MANA REACTS: Unleash the Archers
My mistake, being less than my timeless self. It's not about the dream or the nightmare. It's about divine wakefulness. Reality has layers, and the egoless self can both manifest and unmanifest in these layers as one would take a flight of stairs. The phenomena of the true elemental (D6). Stop manifesting the Nightmare, which is spiritual resistance to the natural balance of reality. My true Ego is pure, natural, and divine; simply Be. 



   [ Astronaut Angel (Get Ready) ] Welcome to the New Normal This is the second decade of the second Millenia [2|2] This is the ( 24 ) of ( ...