27 August 2019


The Word Revives

The Word Revives

The Gravity of this Reality binds Us-All together
This realization is known as the Universal Body; its Cosmic Being
It brings a Knowing and a Feeling of Oneness from the Verse of the Prime Resonance
The Word Alive is the transfiguration of All through Infinite Boundlessness and Timelessness
"The Energized Flux of Core coalesces into All | The Verse of Transcendence invigorates into Life; The Word Revives", The Word Revives, preface

Originally published [14-FEB-2019]

Infected Rain - Passerby

The Alien Mind invades Our Reality
It comes as a Spirit, Holy in its Rite
Find Salvation; Quite the Mind; Peace unto Us-All [Amen]
Know that the Interstellar Winds bring the Mind of Another
Whitesnake - Shut up & Kiss me (Jaguar Edit)

Love we forget | forgive my Kiss
Its fine to take time to enjoy Life
Won't you, won't you... Be Mine?
The Celebration rises as the Spirit rises within Us-All
Within Temptation - Supernova

Red Dwarf expands upon Purple Skies
Our Alien Destiny resonances here
Time harmonizes for those who Feel
As the Mind expands upon Awakening, the Body synthesizes upon Transcendence
[Rumination on Cosmic Beingness v1.0]
Supernova is the Light, the birth of the new Cosmic Being
Blackhole in the dark, the death of the Universal Body
It's all and nothing; the Divine Paradox
It's both light and dark; the Quantum Knowingness
It's neither start nor finish; the Quantum Unknowingness
Bring Me The Horizon - in the dark

25 August 2019



Divine Nightmare [Originally created 5-FEB-2019]

The Light-Void is the Story of the Motherless Offspring
Having questioned Reality, what answer did you expect?
As Dreams teach, the Nightmares wrought
"The Wroughtful are now called up to Purify and Be Exalted; Divine Nightmare", Divine Nightmare, preface


Miracle - Story of the Year
I need this more than you know
The Divine Story and the Nightmare
Which will it be; The Choice
In Our Love, the Sun rises up; In Our Decay, the Sun falls back down again


Eluveite - Ategnatos
The Raven flies towards a New Winter
The Butterfly emerges for a New Summer
The Storm rages in their conflict
As a Story Divine is the Dove, a Nightmare Wrought is the Raven


Evergrey - Weightless
Find what makes Us-All great; Resonate It
Find what improves Character; Exalt It
Find the One to follow unto The Red Star; Build It
Water-Void, Air-Void, Fire-Void, Earth-Void; Deep Space Beckons


[Update 8-FEB-2019] 

MANA REACTS: Unleash the Archers
My mistake, being less than my timeless self. It's not about the dream or the nightmare. It's about divine wakefulness. Reality has layers, and the egoless self can both manifest and unmanifest in these layers as one would take a flight of stairs. The phenomena of the true elemental (D6). Stop manifesting the Nightmare, which is spiritual resistance to the natural balance of reality. My true Ego is pure, natural, and divine; simply Be. 



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