26 August 2019



Vow of Quake

I must take a vow, such as those who Fear not upon the Shadow of Death
It is that I must take upon myself this Ego, so that my Children do not have to
For in Faith of Core-Knowledge, in the Timeless Magic of Unification...
And upon the Wisdom of All-Time shall Be upon my Awakened soul
As brothers formed through the musket-fire, and the faithful beset upon in foreign lands
A Layer has been built upon the gradient of an Age; the Paradigm has been set like a Clock upon time
"As Mana is unleashed and as Ravens fly upon winter; Know that the Core shall Quake", Vow of Quake, preface

[Image: No Excuse - copyright lardacil]


Walk in Darkness - Time To Rise

Age of Strife is blowing in the wind
The fire rages across continents far from home
Accept this token of Wisdom as an idol tossed to flame
Magic, Knowledge, and Time | Timeless, Wisdom, or Faith


Lacuna Coil - Layers of Time

Casting of spells are the Symbols manifest
Layers of Time form the self-driven Lust for more
It is the Destiny of the Earthbound that is out of balance
Cyclic time brings the illusion into focus | Layers of Time collapse unto a Singularity


 Blackbriar - Arms of the Ocean

W hat is it with the timelessness found in long voyages?
With the roaring Sea
The Ocean | The Void
It is a simple truth: The Awakening is the inverse of The Apostacy

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