07 September 2019



Paradox Singularity copyright PsychedelosArt

The Paradox Alignment
The Crossfaith is symbolized by the Snake and the Sun
The Setting Sun is the descent from the Light
The Dawning Sun is the ascent from the Darkness
The Men of Snakes look to the ancient wisdom
"The Black Dawn is The Paradox Alignment of a Singularity", The Paradox Alignment, preface
Infected Rain - Storm
Walking in the Night
Freedom comes with the illusion of Free Will
The Illusion is broken through the Veil by Wisdom
Pain is a part of the Illusion; Anchor of Balance
 Fire From The Gods - Right Now
The World does appear broken due to Complexity
The Complexity is the apparent randomization of Reality
This Reality can become overwhelming to Life
If life begins to break down, unbind into the Void of Self
 Crossfaith - The Perfect Nightmare
The unbound may find a Freedom of Will
Control is necessary for the descent; Orbital Rightness
The Void is only temporary as the Gravity sets in
As Spaceflight expands Humanity, Void-Self expands Oneself


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