29 October 2019



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Omega Feedback [Originally from 22-FEB-2019]
As the Infinite is Boundless, so the Cycle comes around again
The boomerang of reality is the simple fact that the Omega feeds the Alpha
All words coalesce to symbols upon which the pattern flows from a Singularity of Void-Infinity
"Soul Patterns first define, then redefine Us-all through the Omega Feedback", Omega Feedback, preface

[As Within, So Without - Departure]
Cycle of [Ascendence | Decay]
You pull me up, just to watch me fall back down
The Sun's warmth does not revitalize in Winter
Focus upon the Remembrance of the Reflective Duality

[Main-de-Gloire - Run]
The th-th-th-e..e.eee.the OMEG-AAAAAAH
What transgressions have been wrought; Upon Broken Patterns

[Kerli - Better]
I've dried my tears and cried enough; [Seed-Water-Life-cycle]
The challenges are the experiences that drive us; Insight
The simplicity in the message is apparent; Clearsight
In wisdom and clarity, the path is unbound and makes Us-all Limitless

UPDATE [25-FEB-2019]
[The Pattern Defined v1.0]
The Mobius loop is a 3-dimensional shadow of a 4-dimensional shape.
When you begin to understand Infinity, its looping shape, endless, boundless, timeless, and a repeating pattern; only then, you can conceptualize the Core bounds of the Finite Universe of the 3rd dimension.
The Mobius loop represents the shadow of a Tesseract; in other words, it represents the Potentiality of all things both positive and negative Dualities and their inflection points when plotted, flipped into an Eight pattern, against an XYZ axis. 
As previously states, the Tesseract is defined with 4 potentialities for simplicity. Its full set is infinite, as the life potential of a Soul is infinite. This full potentiality is represented in the Third dimension and through the Sixth dynamic by the Mobius loop. 
While this is all stated here, there is another pattern defined. It is thus, 3rd dimensionality represents 6 dynamics to define a 9th, which is Core (Resonance Dynamic). It is thus we are full-filling Tesla's pattern of Knowing through the Power of Threes: 3, 6, 9. The Key to the Universe.
Resonance is the full-filling relationship of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. It is the Aesthetic of the Universe (e.g. Heart, Creativity, Imagination). It is the definition of Creation; the tool of the Duality of [effervescence | coalescence]. It is the conciseness built through my wisdom using Occam's Razor. 

[Delain - Masters of Destiny]

[Update 1-JAN-2020]

[Alan Watts - Exploring Your Dark Side]


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