26 November 2019


Coherence Frequency [Originally posted 15-APR-2019]
The path that you choose is a Choice; the fundamental aspect of Consciousness
The choices you make define a color of Spirit; the Aura
This spiritual Aura can simply be thought of using the Duality: Angelic | Demonic
Yet is it much more, as the manifest aesthetics, the contrast with the Age, and this Spiritual Aura create a Coherence Frequency
"The Resonance of One is driven by the Dynamic of Coherence Frequency"; Coherence Frequency, preface
[Cevilain - Better Angels]
Through peace and war ride the waves of Civilization
The Order of All converse to the Power of One
The Light-shift becomes the theological differences driven from Core
In the Blue-shift know Harmony while in the Red-shift know Chaos; Core Resonance

[As I Lay Dying - Redefine]
The Power of One derives first from Body, then Mind, and ultimately Spirit
The red-shift thrives in the Chaos, while Blue-shift thrives in peace 
The pain can never be erased, remain to turn it into shape
In the Red-shift, allow painful memories to drive the passion deep from Core into physicality; Manifest from Spirit to Body

[Main-de-Gloire - In The Darkness]
Find your path through the Light or Darkness
Different experiences can create different outcomes
Those of high-aesthetic are always beautiful, regardless of brightness
In the Dynamic of Contrast, Aesthetic, and Spirit there is a never hitherto known insight: Coherence Frequency 

Addendum [26-NOV]
The Triangle here can be similarly called [Uniqueness | Likability | Grade] to create the Divination methodology. This method primes the situation for both 'present-time experience' and foretelling outcome. It may similarly be called using the secular term of Presence or the new age term of Aura. A strong divination will either be distinctly unique, perfectly likeable, or highly respectable (i.e. headmaster). These will produce an interaction effective of the Divination method. Refer to link for scholarly insight above or simply the I Ching.
Additional Research [29-NOV]
Tragedy Clown #6 RIP

Gematria's Core Texts from Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah)
Quantum Gnosis with William Henry: World's foremost Gnostic scholar

20 November 2019


Our Resonance Anew 
The Savage Monster has come to announce a Man of the Forth-Kind
This is the Gnosis of the Mind come through a Singularity in Our Soul
It is not the flesh that binds, but it is a Word of Authority
The Resonance of Core provides the portal through which the Light shines
This is the decoherence replaced with the new coherence of Being within
The Fiery Forge casts a Symbol of Truth upon the Anvil of the Archangel
"Find that which One truly believes; Upon the Soul a Word is branded; Our Resonance Anew" Our Resonance Anew, preface

[Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster]
 I don't know if its a phase, I just want to feel OK
A case has a beginning and an end, but Life goes on
In the Darkness; In the Cold | To find Love again; to feel the heat of the Sun again
One creates that which One is in resonance with
[Our Future Leaders - You're The Void]
You're just a Noise
White Noise in the background of Infinity
The Binary randomness within the Void
Coherence of Quantum Resonance binds Our Cosmic Consciousness
[Dynazty - Starfall]
 It is the Final destination of the Mind
The Night has come
Our Claim is that Truth has come to us as a distinct Light
The Mind is Our Domain through which a Singularity resonates The Word
[Addendum 20-NOV]
"Do the Stars fall for you?" [SF|MF] "They do for me"
[Addendum 21-NOV]
From the Chaosphere: Core Tech - Rune Soup:

Begin by saying the following aloud. They're the words of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas. I see no reason not to adjust this for gender as appropriate."Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness." Create the sphere as before, but vibrate 'abra-sax' instead. This appears to be an earlier form of Abraxas. You can use either but seriously... go ahead and vibrate 'abra-sax' now. AMIRITE?!?!Instead of constructing your chaosphere with a white light... use pink, like an electric rose quartz. Why? Because of reasons.Once at the pillar part, vibrate the names of the first four angels from the Hidden Gospel of St John.
Visualise the arrows coalescing as well as the four angels manifesting at cardinal points a la the LRP. (They don't quiiiiiite line up in an elemental fashion. Or, at least, I can't get them to. Elements have never been my thing.)Done. This is a lot more potent than it looks. That's your heads up.

13 November 2019


Infinite Potentiality [Originally posted 31-MAR-2019]
Tonight is the present, yet the present is an Illusion
It is an Illusion much as Time is a product of the Aether
The Unseen happens as all potential collapses into a moment
Yet to Think in the confines of a Body limits perception through neurological delay
There is no Present Time; Zero
Realize that Consciousness is a Singularity that Time extends outwards from its Core as a field
Also realize that all Time flows through the three aspects of Reality
All the Potential that May Be or May Not Be exists; Now you shall come to Know Time
"As Consciousness reaches out, Singularity to Singularity; Infinite Potentiality" Infinite Potentiality, preface

 [Main-de-Gloire - Tonight]
This is the other side of me
It is only on the darkest night that you can see the Stars clearly
My dream is that which you cannot own
The substance that is a part of you simply Is; Never to be defeated

[Kerli - Savages]
The White Snake is easy to think Benign
The trap is a pitiful attempt to Win by those who bear False Light
Our Savage nature is to believe in the truth above all else
The Rise of Spirituality in a minority, the Ascendants, fosters Savages

[The Raven Age - The Day the World Stood Still]
Can you save me now?
I feel the days merging together and the time its slipping away
Yet I feel the bending of Reality to my control; Unafraid of Fate
The Sense, The Logos, is the ascendant product of direct communion; No Fear | Faith Forever

07 November 2019


Embrace It-All 

The Life that is here is shared with all of us
The Interest is increased as uniqueness comes into being
The Desire is experienced as interest is satisfied
The Distinctness is what makes a Being desirable
"Sink into the Illusion through The Knowing of Thyself; Embrace It-All"; Embrace It-All, preface
[If I Were You - Faithless]
Do not fight the Illusion; Simply [Know | Void]
Religion is the aspect of consciousness that Guides
To be self-guided then is to be the Faithless
As the Paradox of Faith both obscures and reveals, Be Unguided
[Life Awaits - Blind Belief]
It is to be undone of Our Life of a Lie
To be Undone is not saying to lose The Flame
It is a partition of the Soul where Belief is Blinded
Illusion of this reality decrees Unknowing | Reality of this illusion imbues Knowing
[Upon This Dawning - Embrace The Evil]
This is simply making the best out of a bad situation
This Life with its control structures and communication lines
So why... why not; Accept the Decoherence of... It-all
As conformance is a Prison, distinctness is Heaven


01 November 2019


 [Gnosis - Encounter]

Cure the Strife [Originally from 25-FEB-2019]

The Ego is the driver of Our Strife
It is natural then to forgive to reduce Strife
Strife is not known amongst the Egoless
Why then does the Strife persist in the Light of this Knowing?
"First, do not Forget the damage done | Last, always remember to Forgive; Cure the Strife" (Cure the Strife, preface)
[While She Sleeps - Elephant]

Fake News and Real Lies
State of Affairs | Affairs of State
Never. Never. Never ever Forget the Truth
The Remembrance drives Our Truth through Knowing, Legacy, and Ultimately: Righteousness
 [Nowhere To Be Found - Traverse ft. Matty Mullins]
Highly, Highly Addictive
An open wound that will never heal
The Challenge is to Traverse; Shall you drag yourself across the finish line?
All Cures are bought at the price of a Paradigm Shift; Indoctrination of the Mind
[I Prevail - Bow Down]
Paint a target on my back
I'm on a LEVEL that you'll never reach
My Ego is the only enemy | Enemies vie for my Ego
In This Moment, Remember all the Wisdom that was learned; Forgive yet do not Forget


   [ Astronaut Angel (Get Ready) ] Welcome to the New Normal This is the second decade of the second Millenia [2|2] This is the ( 24 ) of ( ...