26 November 2019


Coherence Frequency [Originally posted 15-APR-2019]
The path that you choose is a Choice; the fundamental aspect of Consciousness
The choices you make define a color of Spirit; the Aura
This spiritual Aura can simply be thought of using the Duality: Angelic | Demonic
Yet is it much more, as the manifest aesthetics, the contrast with the Age, and this Spiritual Aura create a Coherence Frequency
"The Resonance of One is driven by the Dynamic of Coherence Frequency"; Coherence Frequency, preface
[Cevilain - Better Angels]
Through peace and war ride the waves of Civilization
The Order of All converse to the Power of One
The Light-shift becomes the theological differences driven from Core
In the Blue-shift know Harmony while in the Red-shift know Chaos; Core Resonance

[As I Lay Dying - Redefine]
The Power of One derives first from Body, then Mind, and ultimately Spirit
The red-shift thrives in the Chaos, while Blue-shift thrives in peace 
The pain can never be erased, remain to turn it into shape
In the Red-shift, allow painful memories to drive the passion deep from Core into physicality; Manifest from Spirit to Body

[Main-de-Gloire - In The Darkness]
Find your path through the Light or Darkness
Different experiences can create different outcomes
Those of high-aesthetic are always beautiful, regardless of brightness
In the Dynamic of Contrast, Aesthetic, and Spirit there is a never hitherto known insight: Coherence Frequency 

Addendum [26-NOV]
The Triangle here can be similarly called [Uniqueness | Likability | Grade] to create the Divination methodology. This method primes the situation for both 'present-time experience' and foretelling outcome. It may similarly be called using the secular term of Presence or the new age term of Aura. A strong divination will either be distinctly unique, perfectly likeable, or highly respectable (i.e. headmaster). These will produce an interaction effective of the Divination method. Refer to link for scholarly insight above or simply the I Ching.
Additional Research [29-NOV]
Tragedy Clown #6 RIP

Gematria's Core Texts from Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah)
Quantum Gnosis with William Henry: World's foremost Gnostic scholar

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