01 November 2019


 [Gnosis - Encounter]

Cure the Strife [Originally from 25-FEB-2019]

The Ego is the driver of Our Strife
It is natural then to forgive to reduce Strife
Strife is not known amongst the Egoless
Why then does the Strife persist in the Light of this Knowing?
"First, do not Forget the damage done | Last, always remember to Forgive; Cure the Strife" (Cure the Strife, preface)
[While She Sleeps - Elephant]

Fake News and Real Lies
State of Affairs | Affairs of State
Never. Never. Never ever Forget the Truth
The Remembrance drives Our Truth through Knowing, Legacy, and Ultimately: Righteousness
 [Nowhere To Be Found - Traverse ft. Matty Mullins]
Highly, Highly Addictive
An open wound that will never heal
The Challenge is to Traverse; Shall you drag yourself across the finish line?
All Cures are bought at the price of a Paradigm Shift; Indoctrination of the Mind
[I Prevail - Bow Down]
Paint a target on my back
I'm on a LEVEL that you'll never reach
My Ego is the only enemy | Enemies vie for my Ego
In This Moment, Remember all the Wisdom that was learned; Forgive yet do not Forget

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