07 November 2019


Embrace It-All 

The Life that is here is shared with all of us
The Interest is increased as uniqueness comes into being
The Desire is experienced as interest is satisfied
The Distinctness is what makes a Being desirable
"Sink into the Illusion through The Knowing of Thyself; Embrace It-All"; Embrace It-All, preface
[If I Were You - Faithless]
Do not fight the Illusion; Simply [Know | Void]
Religion is the aspect of consciousness that Guides
To be self-guided then is to be the Faithless
As the Paradox of Faith both obscures and reveals, Be Unguided
[Life Awaits - Blind Belief]
It is to be undone of Our Life of a Lie
To be Undone is not saying to lose The Flame
It is a partition of the Soul where Belief is Blinded
Illusion of this reality decrees Unknowing | Reality of this illusion imbues Knowing
[Upon This Dawning - Embrace The Evil]
This is simply making the best out of a bad situation
This Life with its control structures and communication lines
So why... why not; Accept the Decoherence of... It-all
As conformance is a Prison, distinctness is Heaven


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