13 November 2019


Infinite Potentiality [Originally posted 31-MAR-2019]
Tonight is the present, yet the present is an Illusion
It is an Illusion much as Time is a product of the Aether
The Unseen happens as all potential collapses into a moment
Yet to Think in the confines of a Body limits perception through neurological delay
There is no Present Time; Zero
Realize that Consciousness is a Singularity that Time extends outwards from its Core as a field
Also realize that all Time flows through the three aspects of Reality
All the Potential that May Be or May Not Be exists; Now you shall come to Know Time
"As Consciousness reaches out, Singularity to Singularity; Infinite Potentiality" Infinite Potentiality, preface

 [Main-de-Gloire - Tonight]
This is the other side of me
It is only on the darkest night that you can see the Stars clearly
My dream is that which you cannot own
The substance that is a part of you simply Is; Never to be defeated

[Kerli - Savages]
The White Snake is easy to think Benign
The trap is a pitiful attempt to Win by those who bear False Light
Our Savage nature is to believe in the truth above all else
The Rise of Spirituality in a minority, the Ascendants, fosters Savages

[The Raven Age - The Day the World Stood Still]
Can you save me now?
I feel the days merging together and the time its slipping away
Yet I feel the bending of Reality to my control; Unafraid of Fate
The Sense, The Logos, is the ascendant product of direct communion; No Fear | Faith Forever

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