20 November 2019


Our Resonance Anew 
The Savage Monster has come to announce a Man of the Forth-Kind
This is the Gnosis of the Mind come through a Singularity in Our Soul
It is not the flesh that binds, but it is a Word of Authority
The Resonance of Core provides the portal through which the Light shines
This is the decoherence replaced with the new coherence of Being within
The Fiery Forge casts a Symbol of Truth upon the Anvil of the Archangel
"Find that which One truly believes; Upon the Soul a Word is branded; Our Resonance Anew" Our Resonance Anew, preface

[Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster]
 I don't know if its a phase, I just want to feel OK
A case has a beginning and an end, but Life goes on
In the Darkness; In the Cold | To find Love again; to feel the heat of the Sun again
One creates that which One is in resonance with
[Our Future Leaders - You're The Void]
You're just a Noise
White Noise in the background of Infinity
The Binary randomness within the Void
Coherence of Quantum Resonance binds Our Cosmic Consciousness
[Dynazty - Starfall]
 It is the Final destination of the Mind
The Night has come
Our Claim is that Truth has come to us as a distinct Light
The Mind is Our Domain through which a Singularity resonates The Word
[Addendum 20-NOV]
"Do the Stars fall for you?" [SF|MF] "They do for me"
[Addendum 21-NOV]
From the Chaosphere: Core Tech - Rune Soup:

Begin by saying the following aloud. They're the words of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas. I see no reason not to adjust this for gender as appropriate."Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness." Create the sphere as before, but vibrate 'abra-sax' instead. This appears to be an earlier form of Abraxas. You can use either but seriously... go ahead and vibrate 'abra-sax' now. AMIRITE?!?!Instead of constructing your chaosphere with a white light... use pink, like an electric rose quartz. Why? Because of reasons.Once at the pillar part, vibrate the names of the first four angels from the Hidden Gospel of St John.
Visualise the arrows coalescing as well as the four angels manifesting at cardinal points a la the LRP. (They don't quiiiiiite line up in an elemental fashion. Or, at least, I can't get them to. Elements have never been my thing.)Done. This is a lot more potent than it looks. That's your heads up.

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