15 December 2019


[On the Wisdom of Being a Tree]

As the Tree grows in the wild, it does so without any survival drive.

It grows, and even as damage limits its full potential.

The nature of the tree is to grow, and it does so without changing its nature.

Its needs may shift over its lifetime, and it does change over generations.

Yet the Tree never changes its path, it knows nothing but to fulfill its Code.

It faithfully fulfills its nature, generated by its Code, self-adapting complex programming.

Yet a tree of one Code knows one Path, and a tree of another Code knows another Path.

The tree can only fulfill its Potential, which is known through its Lot in nature.

It is so wonderful how trees begin existence through a physical Core of Being.

So then it is kind when a Tree will share its Wisdom with a Man, so needy a creature.

And in return for its Wisdom, the Tree shall only ask: What type of Tree shall you Be?


[When You Are Lost || Alan Watts]

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