26 December 2019


[Original post from 20-APR-2019]

Disobedient Coherence
It is a time when the effects of global electronic human interrelationship has become Chaotic
The conflict of one ideology with another has corrupted Consensus
The idea of debate to shift public opinion has been lost to Criticism
Ascension is the idea that [One becomes All and All become One]; a Tonal Shift in Consciousness
"The Human Consciousness is limited in a fixed box of mind; Blackhole Descension through Disobedient Coherence" Disobedient Coherence, preface

[Samael - Solar Soul]
The Painful Memory may drive the action of a Soul Wound
Like a Solar Flash, Passion abides One's Will
Wisdom shall come in this State of Mind; Reality's Wake
Yesterday and Tomorrow are an illusion in Consciousness's Core; [Timeless | Wakefulness]

[The Raven Age - The Dying Embers of Life]
Life is an aspect of Reality
Space is the volume of Reality
Time is the action of Reality
Know Reality, for One's dwelling is also One's tomb; [Absorb | Radiate]

[Memphis May Fire - Heavy Is The Weight ft. Andy Mineo]
Wouldn't matter if the whole world hated me
The Weight is what grants Weightlessness in Life
In Cosmic Being: One is Egoless, Volumeless, Timeless, and Limitless
As Human relationships pull One through, a Soul may rise beyond; [Tonality | Liminality]
[Follow up from 20-April]
[From Event Horizon telescope]
Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven

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