06 December 2019


A story is merely a linear progression from beginning to end; [Alpha | Omega]
This is yet Humanity's greatest achievement in collective culture; Holy Books of Stories
A cycle is a process containing multiple linear progressive periods; [Beginnings | Endings]
In this greater Truth, find the Patterns that links us all together
As the Stories of this solo Core, Our World, expand upon the Cosmos, allow for the New
And this, the currency of the Universe, find ultimate Peace in Knowing the Eons
"Upon the glittering solar winds, Our Gnosis binds us; Upon the expanse and emptiness, Manifest a New Reality"; Manifest a New Reality, preface
[The Raven Age - The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships]
As these Kingdoms divide us apart; Eternity looming over me
The Darkness separates us | The Light rejoins us
This Blue Dot in the Void Cosmos seeking The Red Dwarf
The Rock of the Ages shall launch the three ships into the vastness of Our Eternity

[Halestorm - Do Not Disturb (Acoustic)]
It is not a dark act to desire privacy, even if there is nothing to hide
It is a dark act to not disclose abuses of Free Will
Privacy and Free Will are the Prime Resonance of the difference within Us-All
Hope, Willfulness, and Wisdom are the nourishment through the Vastness of the Void

[Cevilain - How It Ends]
Would you let it play out, do it again?
Life serves its Lemons; Burn the Bush
My friends, this is only the first Act in Our Book of Acts
For it is thus: Alpha and Omega is merely an Origin Point upon the orbit of Core; [Gaia | Helios]

[Addendum 6-DEC]

[I Within - Being Human] 

[ As a Human of this Era, Be humble | As a Soul of this Story, Be glorious ]
[Addendum 15-DEC]
1000 ships: https://phys.org/news/2016-09-spacex-chief-envisions-passenger-ships.html 

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