29 December 2019


The Lightening
This is a story of the Ascent of a Man
Tesla was one such Man, born of the Lightning
This then is a simple Truth; it is personal Growth of One to a New Land
A Century which can be defined by Energy and The Light
"As One goes through Life, both negate the Transgressions of Self and Be Egoless" The Lightening, preface

[Renaiszance - I Will Rise]
The Inventor, The Engineer, The Visionary
It is the Mind: [Eastern | Western]
The Ascent is [Within | Without] The Unity
The Great Work is accomplished when the Dream is unified with the Manifest

[Nox Arcana - Stars in the Heavens]
The Height of the Eastern Star; Ebonshire
It is in the Fall and that of Rising Again that One can Be Human
Therefore the Unity is in duality with the Transgression
That which brings Light is the 'Lightening'; Angelfall

[Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard]
The Depth of the Western Shore; Rockstar
We all die alone
The End brings Transgressions to bare
To Face the Inverse Self is to nullify the Omega


[Addendum 29-DEC]
Be Under and Over It All
[Jim Carrey Motivational Video - WHO IS THE REAL YOU?]

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