19 January 2020



Though a Vow is stated here; A Vow is a personal choice
These are personal growth opportunities that allow for Growth
Spirituality is the intent for growth, yet it is not always so
As Vows are taken, know that a Vow is not to be broken
"The resonance of a Broken Vow can be felt long before the Invalidation Act; Gnostic Insight"; Gnostic Insight, preface
[Evanescence - The Chain (from Gears 5)]
Unbounded in mind
Damn the Dark | Damn the Light
The Redshift is the new light in Our Reality
The Vow is a form of binding One's Will to a Manifest Reality

[Drag Me Out - I'm Sorry]
It is through this New Light that boundless vision comes
It's rumored to the core, I guess it's real
The self-choice to grow in this light is a Vow
The Feedback of Our Enemy has given Us-All a box of the Mortal Coil

[Halestorm - Vicious]
Core is the non-anthropomorphic spiritual ascendant; First Knowing of the Unknowingness
That is the prime resonance, yet it, at first, produces The Redshift
It is very simple, the unenlightened easily judge, yet do not fall prey to these pretty Acts
It is only through the Vow of Non-violence that one can begin to ascend; Red-shifted


Addendum [20-JAN-2020]
[Alchemical Embelms Fludd Macrocosm-Microcosm]
Robert Fludd (1574-1637) #Core

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