14 January 2020


[Original post from 23-JUN-2019]

Obscured Sacredness
Is it spite to survive in the face of an Enemy?
All things seek to survive, but not all seek to Thrive
It is in this that there is a new thought in an Age
Take their route through, but do not Erase
"To go through this, forge anew to Be Abundant in Passion; Obscured Sacredness" Obscured Sacredness, preface
[Written By Wolves - Pretty Lies]
Do not fall into false solutions, such as the Engram
It is the Pain that must be reforged
This is the Red-shift, and it is Sacred to Oppose
This is the Forgotten, not Forgiven; Obscure!

[The Pretty Reckless - My Medicine]
The Human body can withstand; Seek mildness 
The Human mind can strengthen; Seek endurance
The Human soul can expand; Seek limitless
To build a tolerance is to Survive

[Trivium - The Heart From Your Hate]
Our Paradigm Shifts to the GLOW; Radiate
This is a time to shine dim; Warmth
It shall be a new journey into The Void; red-shifted
End the silence and take their Hate; Reform it as a new prevalence
[Addendum 14-JAN]
[George Carlin - The Big Electron & Bill Hicks - World's like a Ride]
[...] Part of a greater Wisdom than we'll ever understand -GC 
It's only a choice between Fear and Love -BH

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