10 February 2020


Being a Dualist is nothing to hide
Being an Esotericist is nothing but fulfilling
Being an Occultist is nothing but divining
Being a Gnostic is nothing to obscure
Being a Human is everything to embrace
This dream being lived is Love Incarnate | This illusion imprisoning Us-all is Pain Manifest

[Five Finger Death Punch - Living The Dream]
Nothing could be further from the truth than this
The dream is a Being which cognates Hope
The life led is only what you make for Yourself
[Life | Essenes] To Ascend is to grow | To Die is to sacrifice [Ego | Afterlife]

[Papa Roach - The Ending (Acoustic Performance)]
Can I even trust somebody with the same last name?
When God puts you into checkmate; the start of the ending
Do you wish that there was more to it than this?!
A final duality [The Beginning | Ending This]

[Starset - Manifest]
Regrets ... Fallings
I ask this with all honesty, what is the thought you will have as you fade; fall and fall away
Before you have to ask that question and ponder the Afterglow, please remember!
Manifest a New Reality | Old Realities fall away


[Addendum] 16-FEB-2020

[Falling in Reverse - The Drug in Me is Reimagined]
Falling back into the Darkness is Reincarnation | Ascension is The Spark rising to a Higher Reality

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