19 April 2020


Prime Beings

[The 100 by Harunist]

It is the voice of the Ancients not yet born
The timeless and boundless falling into manifestation
For this is the purity of Mana, which is formed of the formless
The Search and The Signal, the far away and unseen horizons
For the effect of this is not yet known, yet it has been while not yet caused
This is the Paradox alignment of a potentiality; 'Out-reality' nonsense
As I have not yet stated, yet have felt the result of and have been told
Like a book with words of multiple meanings, which one do you pick?
It is like this with the veil, what you see and what you know
Out of the mystery then and into the present time to state a download
There are those of a new soul group who have never-yet been Manifest
This is truth as far as I can tell at this time, and these are to be called Primes
The truth of this is self-evident in full, and without invalidation from popular media
For the media is a temporal invalidation involving the use of retro-causality; False Validation
"Let it be known, Eternity is become Us-All from now unto forever; Manifest in Knowing of Prime Beings"; Prime Beings, preface
 Saint Diablo - Ancient Astronauts

Go - Version 2.0
Life finds a way, but it was not always this way
The Human Paradox | The Human Experiment
Lifting the Veil is about Spiritual Growth [within|without]

 Helion Prime - Mr. Torture (2019)

The Mana of Creation allows for Life
As the inverse of Life is Death, so is Oblivious of Knowing
Fear not the Draco; the ancients, lest One succumb
Cast the mana of [Red|White] magic; Be not Oblivious

Starset - Where the Skies End

The Mystery and promise of distant horizons always have called Men forward
One and all shall watch as it will fall, and rise again upon the edge of the horizon
Solve the Mystery, Divide the Paradox, Transcend the Red Shift
A Holy Man is called to aid Us-All across the expanse; Sons of Ka

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