18 December 2020


The Disturbed are humans with nightmares
Wrought by the pains of livingness
The ripples and peaks of trauma dealt young
The attenuation cycle of aging naturally  
Finding sadness as a means of growth
That is to identify a barrier and overcome
Freaks and the Lone Wolf | Bigfoot and the Fireflies  
Descending may lead to Transcendence; Infinity's Loop
The Pretty Reckless – 25
25 is the number of Youth
25 is the quarter of a Century
25 is the tertiary of Life
For One who hears through the temporal resonance; Omega's Calling

Korn – Would (AIC Cover 2020) 
Would you come back to reality after transcending? 
Flying high into the Sun; Melting wings bring you down
Into the Flood again
The limits of One's limitlessness is defined through One's deprivation

Beyond The Black – Down With The Sickness (Disturbed Acoustic Cover) 
This is the retro-future; Beingness redefined
It is the cycle coming back around again
Did you learn the first time?
You've woken up the Demon in me; re-awakened Ka

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